About me


My name is Roksana and I'm a self-taught artist. I specialise in animal portraits made with colored pencils. I love realism that's why I pay very close attention to details what you can see in my drawings.


If you're looking for your very own animal portrait and you find my style interesting contact me


How to order


  • decide on what size of drawing you would like. Prices and sizes you can find here


  • choose a photograph which shows a lot of details, isn't blurred or too dark. It's good if it shows your pet's personality. If you can't decide, you can email me your photographs and we will choose the best one together. The better the reference photo the better the drawing


  • send me the photo and we will discuss details such as special requests, time of drawing, shipping etc.


You can contact me via contact form or private message on my social media



    Worldwide shipping


    Standard shipping within Europe is 15 USD, the other countries 20 USD. More